Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Off the dime at last

Finally I was moved to write my first-ever correspondence to my Congressman:

Dear Congressman Sessions:

I am dismayed at the continuing revelations of excesses, mistakes, and deceptions of the American people that the Bush Administration has committed in pursuit of its stated goal of keeping us safe from terrorism. My understanding of what the United States is supposed to represent, a free nation of laws and not men, where you are free to associate with others and be secure in your person from government search and seizure, is completely at odds with the actions of this Administration. As my representative to Congress, I urge you to express in the strongest possible terms that such activities and behaviors are not compatible with American ideals. We may disagree on fiscal policies or the appropriateness of legislating morality; but when it comes to the fundamental rights of all Americans as set down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, there can be no partisan issue. We are talking about the philosophical basis of our nation, truths we hold to be self-evident; and if we do not stand up and defend those ideals when they are injured, regardless of the party affiliation of the infringer or infringed, then we set at nought all our nation represents. And then we are truly lost. Please don't let that happen to this great nation. Speak up for us.

Thank you.

Rob Woodard

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