Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Will Pryor is running for Congress my district, TX-32. This is a "safe Republican" district created by Tom Delay's gerrymandering scheme a few years ago. Nevertheless, I think that a strong Democratic candidate could win here, especially if incumbent Pete Sessions' involvement in the Jack Abramoff scandal and a shady California defense contracting deal turns out to have been more than just coincidence. At least, I hope that enough Republicans are rational enough to see that Sessions has supported disastrous policies and should be replaced.

But I'm not sure Pryor is that strong Democrat. If you go through his campaign web site, everything you see points to an accomodational, "consensus-building" style. I understand that and it's even admirable- in the right situation. If the political opposition were capable of being persuaded by logical argument, or if they were willing to work with you on some sort of quid-pro-quo basis, then reciprocal flexibility and cooperation is appropriate. But when the opposition is NOT so inclined and instead continually votes against any initiative from your side on strict party-line votes, being flexible and trying to work with them is just being a sap. And when the policies they fight so hard for are in fact counter to the ideals this country was founded on, and harmful to the long-term interests of the United States, then you not only have reason to object strenuously, but you have a duty to fight just as strongly against their misguided positions. So far, Pryor has not expressed a willingness to do this.

I will support Will Pryor, by default if for no other reason; and I will do what I can to help him find the strong voice he will need in order to represent me in the manner in which I would like to be represented. I have already sent him several e-mails pointing out changes I think he should make and positions I think he needs to explain more fully; and he has promised changes to his website soon.

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