Friday, June 30, 2006

Where's Waldo?

Yes this blog is languishing. I haven't had much inspiration lately, not sure why; it comes and goes. For the most part I've been commenting on other blogs, mostly David Brin's and Pandagon, but you might find me popping up in lots of different places.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw your comments at FDL on the Daily Howler thing, and just wanted to let you know that I think you were completely correct. It was really quite grotesque how you were treated, and your ability to keep your temper was admirable. Good luck.

-- Ally

Rob said...

Thank you Ally, I've been participating in online discussions for 15 years and I've learned you have to have a thick skin. Keeping your cool is usually the best way to go. Especially if you are an outsider or newbie to the group and you are posting something critical of them or that they disagree with. All kinds of ugly responses usually ensue as the regulars try to defend themselves, even if the criticism is valid.