Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Random Ranting Room

If you find you way here from one of my posts on another blog, this is a place to leave me feedback or whatever. I haven't posted here in forever...with so many other bloggers doing such a fine job posting, I haven't felt much of a need to post on my own. It's kind of a catch-22; since almost nobody comes here to discuss things, I don't post, and since I don't post, anybody who comes here probably thinks this blog is dead. Which, effectively, it is...but since it's just a personal blog anyway, I suppose that's OK.

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Avedon said...

Oh yeah, Simels: nobody cares about Primary Colors anymore.

Outside the Beltway, no one really cared about it at the time, either.

But: The media decided to make a big deal of it, and Joe Klein lied about it, and then pretended that the only lie in the world that mattered was when Bill Clinton lied about Monica.

So he deserves to have his chain yanked about it at every opportunity.