Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Believe I Can Fly

Tonight I learned that there's no need to worry, and no need for government to lift a finger to help me, because I can solve all my problems myself. Bobby Jindal told me so:

Americans can do anything!

I don't need to worry about half of my meager retirement savings going poof; I wasn't going to be able to retire anyway, right? And I don't need to worry about being fired and losing my health insurance; I'll be fine, because I can do anything.

Yes, Americans can do anything. Look at Katrina, a totally incompetent group of Republican government disaster response managers behaved totally incompetently; that proves that government doesn't ever work, and it's much better to have individuals take care of their own problems, because Americans can do anything (although unfortunately that includes being incompetent disaster response managers).

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Anonymous said...

Our LA gov. didn't do too well. Although Rush Limbaugh thinks Bobby is America's Great Indian Hope! Jindal is doing OK as Gov. He tried to slow down his usually rapid-fire, machine gun pace of talking and it messed up his speech. Too bad. "Americans can do anything". We got thru Katrina without the Republicans. Just needed family and friends to help out.A great big THANKS!